Mission & Vision

Our vision is to spark joy in people playing and making games.​ As a progressive indie publisher, we empower diverse teams to make captivating games, and we deliver them to global player communities, in a way that is sustainable for everyone.


We’re not really into using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Rather, creativity and resourcefulness are key ingredients in our publishing cookbook. From producing to marketing our games, we always look to reach the utmost quality in efficient and novel ways.


Being truly sustainable requires a multilayered approach. We offer our team reasonable and flexible working hours, and support our developers with decent funding and revenue shares. We also aim to be climate neutral, when it comes to the production, promotion, and even playing of our games.


We believe that sharing knowledge, resources, and attention fosters personal and professional growth for everybody. That’s why our priority is to work with people who share our values, new voices and established teams alike. We also strive to engage players at every step of a game’s journey.