Mission & Vision

Our vision is to spark joy in people playing and making games.​ As a progressive indie publisher, we empower diverse teams to make captivating games, and we deliver them to global player communities, in a way that is sustainable for everyone.


Firesquid believes in collective intelligence.

We respect and help developers realize their vision. We advise, orient, and assist developers be they in the earliest ideation or heading for release. Firesquid develops long-term, sustainable relationships based on equity and trust.

We include our community of players and content creators in the development process.

As a founder of Tacticon, Firesquid acts to promote the scene for strategy games of all kinds and actively supports other developers and publishers.


Firesquid values communication and transparency.

At Firesquid, success starts with being honest and transparent in all our communication – from the beginning of the pitching process and all the way through development. Honesty allows us to establish a trust-based relationship with developers.

We are clear and honest in our interactions with players, press, and content creators.


Firesquid games delight.

Firesquid games stand out and are memorable. We give teams support and resources adapted to their specific needs.

We develop methodologies and practices that can be applied to marketing and developing games of all different types.

We’re not afraid to experiment with new ways to communicate and develop our games and community.