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Great Houses of Calderia is a singleplayer Grand Strategy Game set in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance. Focusing on unique choices and real time resources management, run an entire House and interact with your family to successfully form diplomatic relations with neighboring Houses.
Set to hit Steam Early Access in 2023, Great Houses of Calderia is Crusader Kings III meets Game of Thrones. Build your legacy through generations!
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Lead your Space Commandos in an epic revival of turn-based squad tactics inspired by XCOM, Space Hulk and Aliens, featuring in-depth skill & combat systems and multiple game modes. Discover the truth behind the demise of colony MC83-A, and protect Humankind from an ancient alien threat.
A Steam Early Access is planned for 2023.
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One of the first carefully curated games by Firesquid was the dice-based survival city builder Dice Legacy developed by DestinyBIT in Italy. We worked closely with the team to refine their concept and worked actively with the development of the game. In this roguelite survival city-builder, you will use dice to establish your medieval town, explore, gather resources and conquer the ringworld. Our engagement with the team ended with their acquisition by Amplifier Invest.
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